Sunday, 28 September 2014

Wow it has been ages since I posted any status reports to my blog...... 

Op's that is a big SORRY! from me, life has just slipped by so so fast. I went off to our National Capital for a visit to my twin in early August, it is a wonderful place and I was able to catch up with my nephew who I haven't seen for years & years. All their children are young grown adults so it was really sweet to touch base with them all again.

On the creative front... There is not much doing at all, with the healthy kick I have been on, I haven't had time to open the program let alone create. I only have 4 layouts to speak of and they have been of the paper kind. Two have already been given away for a friend as a gift (Leanne I forgot to take a photo of them), the other two need a photo taken and as I dropped my camera while down in Canberra and the lens will not open & now my phone has decided to stop... I have no means to take a photo of any kind at all at the present. I'm not having much luck with techie items at the moment. It is so sad :( I do have a number of layouts floating around in my mind, so I am trying to factor a time into the planner to just open Photoshop & play to my heart's content. (once I get the TAX done for the 4 people on my LIST).

 Keep your fingers crossed for me... :)


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