Sunday, 13 July 2014

What have I been doing on my coffee break well I have been off enjoying the world of scrapping Project Life. I went off to a retreat to see if I could kick start my MOJO and to learn how to start this type of scrapping as I have had 2 full kits sitting in my stash unopened (Pulling a SAD face here). The retreat was a total eye opener on so many levels... I meet a bunch of wonderful scrappers & became one of the flock at Scrapbooking from scratch Honestly you need to check this on-line shop out. Peta is one very cool/sweet person. With the size of the participant's at retreat being over 60 scrappers, there was nothing left undone or not thought of.... HONEST it was a totally AWESOME!!! weekend of laughter & scrapping and I'm signing on for next year. 

Bye Lucy

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