Sunday, 29 June 2014

 I’m not posting on a regular schedule.

I love blogging. And ever since I started blogging, I’ve noticed that posting on a regular schedule really helps with my creativity. But here’s the thing: I’m working on getting healthy and fit, so now that regular schedule takes away from the time I have to write blog posts. So for the time being, I’m throwing out the schedule and posting when I have something awesome to say/record in a blog post. 

I will be putting a few photos up from our holiday to Britain & Paris over the next couple of days. We took over a 1000' or more of those, so I may as well share a few more here not just on face book. I haven't had much time to scrap any of them, as it was straight back to work for me, and after laying on the kilos since arriving home, I need to take a reality check and get those kilos off as they are causing me grief with my health

The tip of the Virgin Plane out the window of the Plane when we flew to Hong Kong, it was the last fight for Virgin on this leg. Australia to Hong Kong. 

(Virgin have discontinued this leg. They no longer fly to or from Australia via Hong Kong ). We had to return via a Qantas  Plane, loved that it was called GOSFORD being close to were we live :) 

Hong Kong Bay,

Bye Lucy

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