Saturday, 22 March 2014

Life has been flat out for me... It seems like I am on auto pilot - I am on fast forward without a rewind button! In between all the craziness, I've had the joy of attending a most relaxing retreat at the Northern Beaches in Sydney. I created only 3 layouts the whole long weekend but I also created a beautiful little travel journal for our up coming overseas adventure in May.  Still need to take photos. We then returned to Sydney for our darling boys birthday... We went off for a special dinner at the restaurant called BLACK at the Star Casino building. No we didn't attend the casino. It was a magic night. we also trooped off to check out the markets, WOW how crazy is the fruit market in there. VERY!!! 
Also these Rino's are appearing in all sorts of different spots in the City & even in far flung small towns out west... but what a beautiful splash of colour :)


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