Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Catch up post:

I've been scrapping in paper & digital land :) :) such a lovely change to dashing here & there. I finally took a photo of my grateful jar, were I write little notes on little tag strips of things that bring me pleasure over the next 12 months and I will open & read them on New years day.... such a sweet idea, and easy to keep up. I love scrapping easy to do off the page items.  My photo here is a bit wishy washy as I took it at night time. sorry.
Below is the yearly digital layout to mark, our wedding anniversary, which happens to be on Australia day back in January. 34 wonderful years. I am trying to journal more on my layouts this year.

The weight loss zeroed out for both January & February. I lost 1.4 kg over two weeks so thought woo hoo! how good is that, but then in the next 3 weeks gained it all back again. I did have a over all loss but only a smidgen like .3 Not being able to hit the gym is doing me in.

Bye Lucy

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