Sunday, 5 January 2014

photo is by Carla Hackett
I'm a girl who LOVEs coffee! so while I was sitting in my craft room today drinking my brew, I decided to set up a couple of personal challenges for me to do in 2014....
1)  Is to get off my butt and get back to my GOAL weight before my accident, I was under 60 kilos now I'm well over & not in the healthy range for my height. I am a shorty!!!. To help me on my way I have created a reward system. I've put a little (a whole lot) of cash into a jar. Now the challenge I must meet is to loose 1kg each month to earn my reward of a given $ amount to spend on a gift just for me. (So I must not put any weight on at all). If I don't reach this target then the money will end up with a children's charity. Easy you think, not if your restricted in the type of exercise you can do because of your type of injury & the operation you underwent a short time ago. So at the moment I can only walk for exercise & do light rehab strength exercises as set by my physiotherapist but I sure can cut out fatty & unhealthy foods. From time to time  I will post how I am going.... I've set the time span of January to May 2014 to lose at least 10 kilos before our big trip to England. Hubby is going to keep me honest & will dish the cash out either way. I am not going to FAIL :) :)
2)  As I am making a NEW home here in the Village I thought it would be nice to do a little challenge like the 
that I did in 2012 but with a big twist. This time I will only purchase WHITE items & they must be for the HOUSE to give the place a sprouse up & a little character & I will restrict the spending amount to under $20.00.... Also I'm playing along with this idea.
This isn't my jar I don't know who own's it!

3) A distant family member put a challenge out to us all on facebook about keeping a grateful jar (yes another jar). This one I've scrapped as you have to write & place little stripes of paper or tags into the jar with what you are grateful for during the year as they happen in your life... At the end of December you will be able to open it up & read & remember all the good stuff that happened in your year.  
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I've been scrapping my jar & doing a digital layout & I also have a journal cover gessoed ready to paint & scrap. Did I tell you that I plan to scrap a lot lot more memories this year. I've started :) :) :) 

Bye Lucy

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