Friday, 24 January 2014

Not a real lot happening here in the lane (village), other then me heading out to appointment after appointment for my rehabilitation, to get me better after my operation.... It seems it is the only thing I am doing after going to work each day. I didn't really realise it would be such a slow slow process. It has put a big dent in my creative process. I haven't had much time to create in digital land. 

I did start a small patchwork table cloth (which hubby had to cut out for me). It has been slow going with the machine quilting, but it will soon be completed. Sadly what should have been a one day project has taken weeks. It will look awesome on my little outdoor setting so that will make up for the pain. :) 

Update on the weight challenge... last week I lost the money for this month, as I gained .3 grams but so far I have lost over all, to the tune of at least 1kg or more. I will be back to record the full month when I weigh in tomorrow for the last time for January. Keeping my fingers crossed that I didn't gain again xxx

I have purchased my first WHITE item for my home, now I need to take a photo of it. :) which will happen tomorrow now. 

Bye Lucy

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