Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2014 is but a few hours away here in Australia. I normally do a review of the year, but my heart isn't up to it this year. It has been a battle to just get to the end of the year let alone do a review of the heart ache that was my year... So lets just leave it there and move on!

I am really looking forward to the tick & turning of the clock this year... I am going into 2014 with a SMILE and a open heart.... Things will be wonderful & full of beautiful MEMORIES. Memories is my one little word for the year, this little item was created by Ali Edwards
http://aliedwards.com/blog/one-little-word/page/2 and I wish to aspire to making memories that are all about  happy * joyful * fun * grateful * beautiful * family * love * I plan to take a lot of coffee breaks this year & brew up a lot of these memories by capturing a lot more memories then I did this year. 
I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR.... 

Bye Lucy

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