Sunday, 13 January 2013

My mind isn't that interested in the blog thing at the moment, it is acting all funky. Sometimes I'm in the groove and it works…sometimes it doesn’t. I’m trying to ignore the voice and work around this issue. In fact, this has brought about the most wonderful blessing really…the blessing of a quieter and more focused mind.
You see, it’s not really “The Internet” that is evil…It’s more that I can easily lose hours and hours per day in various rabbit holes around here and end up with a very messy house and poor self image. It’s a double edged sword really: this space offers so much inspiration and connection…things that have been complete and a utter blessings in my life. But when used out of healthy moderation, anything can become a little toxic. So this recent series of non-technological malfunctions of my thoughts is offering me a sort of space that I didn’t even realise how badly I needed.
It’s good to sometimes get some distance and breathing room from all the chatter that pervades the online world 24/7. It’s good to hear your own thoughts and listen to your own breath and learn again how to march to the beat of your own drum.

I've found my new rhythm/drum.... It's wonderful!! I'm loving the slower melody playing here in my lane as it softly creates a flow within. 

have a lovely day! 

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