Thursday, 15 November 2012

My new for Week 40 is some pictures of a couple of items from my younger days, back in the 'good old days'.... so people keep saying but honest I really wouldn't want to go back to the era of using these items again... It was a lot of hard work on wash day. You didn't wash every day back then, as you had to set the cooper to boil, and chop the wood. So it might have happened twice a week or less depending on the size of your family. I thought some of you might like to see how far we have come in the development of these basic house-hold items. 

I grow up when these items were brand NEW, but gee I love automatic, the load it and push that button and come back to hang it all out. We use to have to heat our chip heater for baths & we had a cooper for doing the washing. ( I have a scar on my tummy to remind me, because one of my brothers spilt a bucket over me, when he was carting it from the laundry to the bathroom next door, and he didn't see me). I can remember the old wringer washing machine... My Dad was for ever fixing it. Life may be noted as being more simple back then but really it was hard work, to do the domestic chores. The younger ones today, have no clue with all the pushing of buttons & electricity at their finger tips.  NO I don't wish to return to that era, I love my home & the easy cleaning up. 

I will be absent from my blog for a while as I am off on a wonderful adventure to New Zealand on a cruise ship. 

Bye Lucy

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