Monday, 8 October 2012

 My new for Week 36 is more a plan.... I purchased a book on my new kindle, which related to being HAPPY,... yes mostly I am! and I had a you know kind of MOMENT but there are things in my life I can change to make me more so. So over the next 12 months I am putting my energy into effecting my plan, my idea to make life HAPPIER here in my little lane. I am still in the very early stages of development, so more on this topic to come at a later date. I have also been a tad unwell this week with yet another virus... but most people enjoyed me having this one as I couldn't speak, well yes I didn't lose my voice completely but you could hardly hear me I was ever so quietly hoarse, and you had to really bend into hear me... :):) The voice has returned now to just shake the cough and I would be Me again. :):):)

Bye Lucy

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