Saturday, 12 May 2012

My new for Week 23 is another year has passed since moving to the coast from my home town. On the first day we were not able to pick up the keys for our new home until mid afternoon but we had to leave our old place the day before. So this called for a stop over in a Motel.... So the morning when we were picking up the keys, we had pancakes on the beach for breakfast. So now we do the same thing each year to mark our Anniversary! 7 years have passed and I don't really know were they have gone :):)

 Week 24 is a photo of my colour boost to cover those greys this time around.... Yes I add a mix of two blends. Hate boring colours so it is a mix for me... {{SMILE's}} I'm not that old yet!!! :):) at least in my mind, the body might show it a little different but heck who really cares! it makes me feel good.

Bye Lucy

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Michelle Jamieson said...

You certainly aren't that old yet!! ;)

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