Saturday, 21 April 2012

 My new for week 21 is this movie I went off to see on date day with Hubby... for those who might be new to my blog. Date day happens each third Friday. Hubby & I choose to head off out doors to do something, anything other then sit at home regardless of the weather. I love these days. So off we went to Hoyts Cinema this time to catch this movie.

Sorry I can't seem to get the movie to just play on my blog so you will need to click the link to get it to work...

My catch up for my photo of the day! 

Something I drew... just a daisy flower I started in my sketch book a couple of months ago, it is still not completed :)

A Bottle is todays topic, well I have two. The one on the right is from my home town (PARKES) from years ago they are not made anymore, so I am thinking having one of these bottles would be rare and up to last year the factory was still standing, but not in use, it is now a car yard. I use a original crate that Orbells cordials came in for my shoe box at my front door. The other is a coke bottle that has the long neck, not sure if they make them anymore either. 

Bye Lucy

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