Saturday, 14 April 2012

 My New for Week 20 is a tale about a stranger on a train...

I have to tell you that this guy was totally amazing, he didn't care who saw him create his master piece. 

The Story goes like this:

We jumped on the train with 5 mins to spare, on returning home yesterday from our visit in the city. 
On the train was a crowd of people who were heading home from the Royal Easter Show. Amongst the group were a young couple with two small boys. The father had a fishing line & the boys & mother were tucking into take away food. My hubby had the local newspaper that they give out freely at the turnstiles so he was busy reading, not up for idle chitchat. I sat tired & happy after spending time cruising about the harbour with my two men (for those who don't know my two men are my Hubby & Son). I didn't want to read my magazine yet.

When I happen to glance up to see what is happening in the train after we had been chugging along for at least 10 minutes the father of the boys was ripping up what appeared to be tissues into stripes. Then he went about folding & twirling & licking up this darn darn darn wonderful looking creation. Not one but OMG.... a bunch later. It was totally amazing. You could tell he had been doing this for a while. He didn't care who watched nor care that the very MALE passengers were looking on. The young boy asked could I try to do one Dad, so they did, they created yet another one together, the dad added this to the one he had created to show the boy how to do it, when the father ripped it in half the son exploded, oh no your ruined it, but the father just kept licking and twirling the item. Oh MY..... it was amazing, it was another kind, which the father then gave to the boy. The father continued to add to his first bunch then he looked up & saw me watching him, I just smiled with out uttering a word. The next thing he came up and presented me with this divine creation that he had been working on. We didn't speak more then a few words, Him to say would you like this & me to say OH please thank you, your talent is just wonderful. He turned to the job at hand and I sat and watched until we pulled into our station. I have no idea where or who he was but I will treasure this small gift, that the stranger on the train gave to me! It is a wonderful wonderful ROSE.... so delightful & is just exquisite in all the details right down to the thorns!!!

Bye Lucy

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Lizzy said...

Lucy what a beautiful story,it must have been fascinating watching him make them.
Such a lovely finish to your day.xx

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