Monday, 9 April 2012

 I forgot to put my photo up yesterday with doing the catch up I some how missed this one in the upload
This layout is a challenge 1 Use gold paint (you can find the link at the very bottom of the blog). 
Click on the little house :)

My  1 word for the year is challenge, to focus on stepping up to do a few things that I wouldn't normally take part in... My dear friend Louise put the site out on her face book page so that all her friends could join in with these creatives... My paper scrapping is something which is an area that I feel, I lack confidence in displaying or doing.... So to over come that feeling I am taking part in this challenge come what may.... But will only showcase here on my blog (small steps) as those creatives over on the flicker account are blooming fantastic way above the second floor that I am aiming for!!! 

Check them out it is worth the visit... :):):)

Todays photo- younger you, I'm the girl in the middle at the front, not a good photo quality but it is all I have.... :):):)

Bye Lucy

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