Saturday, 24 March 2012

 My new for Week 17 is about the new Tim Holts class I signed up for back in late February when Louise put it out on Facebook... That is the link to the class details & sign up below. You can still sign up as it has forever access to the class. Warning this class is all about technique more then it is about making or designing stuff. I almost didn't get pass the first video because Tim showed how he looks after his stamps... Now for those who know me, I'm a big stamper, I've been hoarding them since a wee child (that is so many years ago I would hate to count).  I am also rigid about keeping them looking NEW!!! you can't tell the age of some of my stamps because I clean them as soon as I use them.... and heaven help any person who uses my stamps without doing the same!!!!! Tim's method for conditioning his stamps might come in handy, if I can get pass having a black stamp..mmmmmmmm I feel the very idea will take a lot of effort from me to over come!! :):):)

This class has opened my eyes to all the different products on the market and how best to use them. Tim has been very detailed in his videos on the subject & I highly recommend the class just for this reason alone. I have yet to have a play with any techniques taught but I am going to hit the craft table tonight to have a go with my stash.... :):):)

Enjoy your weekend & I hope you have time to create

Bye Lucy

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