Saturday, 17 March 2012

 My new for Week 16 is not a purchased item but a communication find, as you know I decided I would give up FACEBOOK back in January But I struggled with the isolation from family & friends as this format of communication is a easy way for us all to stay in contact. So in the end I've restricted myself to a limit of time at these places. I did waste a lot of creating time on-line.... so each day I have a short viewing time for all forums & facebook.  I really have been creating a lot more. Ok back to the NEW for this week. A friend of a friend on facebook happened to be friends of the wife of a friend of mine (yes I'm talking MALE here) who I haven't heard from or seen in something like 25 years OMG..... we are back into contact and I am over joyed to have this contact and if I had given up FACE BOOK for ever this wouldn't have happened. So jumping up & down for OLD but NEW Friendships.  It's ok guys he is hubby's cousin so all is good with my Men! {winks} I'm not about to run off with him or anything! 
Bye Lucy

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